The cats of my cattery are first of all beloved pets and live free at home. None of them are caged but for keep the males, females, kittens and new cats separated; the upstairs & downstairs of the house is divided into different areas. Some of the normal doors inside the house have been replaced with transparent plexiglass doors, this way the cats can see what is going on in the other areas of the house. During daytime when it’s not too hot or cold outside the cats have access to 2 cat-safe balconies.

The cats are regularly tested for parasites and fungus, they are FIV/FeLV/PKD DNA/PRA-pd negative and regularly vet controlled. In the past years I have regularly attended veterinary lectures & different kind of informative cat events as the health and happiness of my cats is always  my first priority.

Good hygienia and grooming is also very important for me. PERSIANS are a higher maintenance breed so I want to make sure that all kittens find the best possible homes, either homes with responsible registered breeders, or pet owners who really have a passion and interest for their proper care.

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ELEGIAN is a small CFA registered cattery

of PERSIANS, with my biggest love

and main interest being the beautiful bicolors



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