All Elegian kittens / cats are sold with a contract. Persians are a higher maintenance breed so our kittens / cats are available only to loving homes who really have passion & interest for their proper care. Show / breeder quality kittens are available to responsible registered breeders who will offer them a loving and caring home. We do not sell our kittens for caged catteries, for re-sale or petshops or anyone treating cats only as ”breeding stock”.

For prevent unauthorized breeding the pet kittens are sold with contract of neutering or selectively spayed/neutered before leaving to new homes. Our pet kittens can leave to new homes after 3-4 months age, show/breeder kittens after 5-6 months age or after the change of second teeth. Kittens will be given to new owners only after we have received full payment and signed contract. We reserve the right to cancel a sale in any moment. In case we would cancel the money will be refunded right away.


For any questions you can contact me with e-mail:


Please provide proper introduction when inquiring about the kittens (full name, location, contact info...). Anonymous inquiries will most likely remain unanswered.

[Page updated: 22 March 2020]

We have new kittens, more info soon.